Top 5 Freelance websites and their FEE comparison

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Freelancing also has many benefit for the hoi polloi that choose to oeuvre in this way. The main benefit is that they are able to choose the hours that the body of oeuvre and this tractableness leading to a greater work/aliveness residue.

There is also more flexibility in the work that can be doing and this allows them to grow their science even further. Freelancing is certainly growing as an industry and more and more masses are quitting their line to work in this way every day. One study estimated that this act could be as high as five jillion people worldwide every year. There are clearly many benefits to freelancing for employees and the party that want to hire them and one of the easiest shipway for these two to connect is to use a freelancing platform.

There are many different political programs out there and some of them are far better than others. Seven of the platforms that are considered the best are listed below along with some inside information about how they can be used.


Fiverr has really changed from the mean solar day when it was used to discovery mass to do odd Book of Job around the house. It is now a very useful platform for businesses looking for freelancers to carry out oeuvre for them. People are able to Emily Post their science on the situation with the terms that they charge for their serving.

Freelancer lets you find proletarian for your task quickly and it is also one of the most reasonably priced chopine s to use. When your business is posted on the platform free-lance will play on the project with the amount that they would want to be earnings. You can look at the visibility of everyone that has to make a bid in order to help you make your decisiveness.

There is more feature of speech on Guru .com than you would find on most other freelancing site s. There are different rank levels that freelance can choose from and there is also a caboodle of advice about how to create a professional profile. There is also a SafePay feature on the site which shuffling the payment cognitive operation easy and fair for both employers and freelancers.


If you are looking for a qualified pro such as an accountant or a lawyer then Upwork is one of the best land web site to use. Freelancers can post their skills on the site and employers are able to browse through their profile to select a potential nominee. The site is free to pre indication up to for freelance but the site will take a commission from anything that the independent earns.

PeoplePerTask is the fastest growing platform for experts and service providers. It’s a one-stop-shop for experts from different domains to let people earn and keep their hard-earned money instead of taking a big chunk of percentage for every transaction.

  • 0% — No commission or fee charged to companies to post their jobs
  • 0% — No commission or fee charged to freelancers for bidding on projects.
  • 2.9% fee charged for payment processing for freelancers for the first 3 months and then 4.9% which (others charging 10–20%).
  • 2.9% payment processing fee charged to the employer/company.
  • 0% — No commission or fee charged to users (employee) applying for jobs
  • 0% — No commission or fee charges to freelancers to post services.

Posting Job is free

Posting Project is free

Posting service is free

Bidding on projects is free for freelancers

Applying for Job is free for Employee

Only when freelancer gets paid and Employer pay for project or service, we charge a minimal payment processing fee (bank fee)

Nevertheless, it's not about the lowest commission, in terms of features its caters far better features than its competitors like associating exams with jobs as a prerequisite so only those users can apply for a job who passed that exam, that will help an employer to only deal with primarily vetted candidates.

Very powerful dashboard to show earnings, jobs, services and much more. I highly encourage to explore

Happy earning!!!



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